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July 26, 2000 - October 19, 2015

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September 1993 - December 2012

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July 1, 1998 - June 6, 2011


Happy Birthday to our wonderful Tucker shown here at 17 years young
 and still going strong!!!

ASCA Hall of Fame Sire, Canadian Champion, WTCH LasRocosa Tom's Thunder DNA-CP
(shown above with 3 of his handsome grandsons)

September 17, 2008

Tucker at 15 years young!

 Happy Birthday as well to our Jack Russell, Maggie, who turned 14 today as well...
now fat and going slow - hahahahaaaa...

Tucker Creek's My Friend Maggie,  Rally Advanced

Today I celebrate the day Maggie was born.  Maggie has offered lessons in many things in life - like  chasing snowmobiles, aggression, digging, biting (small dog versions) but also DETERMINATION like only a Jack can exhibit, GRIT, FEISTY and TENACIOUS  all words created to describe the JR Terrier.  And adoration - something that is shared every day between me and the Maggot.  Thanks to the Mennonite puppy mill she came from - Sad but true - I was naive back then - but thank God for small mistakes...


We have cherished these dogs both for all they have been as friends, entertainers, competitors, reasons-to-braggers, a furry shoulder to cry on, delightful cheerer uppers and just plain great dogs.


They are both healthy and strong and Today, on their Birthdays', will spend the day lounging - (they do this every day).


Today I celebrate the day Tucker was born and the day he was sent to me and changed my life in the greatest way I could ever have imagined.  He changed a lot of your lives too with bringing herding to Thunder Bay in a new a fun way.


His newest son (Ticket - 4 months old) is a testament to his lineage and strength as he was conceived when Tuck was almost 15 years of age.  And came from the very people (Joseph Hartnagle) who gave me Tucker in the start.  Thanks to Carol Ann Hartnagle for bringing this all full circle!  Ticket's name is "Las Rocosa's Ticket 2 Tucker Creek" - neat!


Tucker has many sons and daughters and a few grand and great grand kids with titles too many to count.  Congratulations to all the Tucker Creek kids and their loving owners out there.  You did the old man proud!!!! And thanks to all the snowmobiles that took the time to stop and not run over the Jack Russell even if she had you by the leg.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tucker and Maggie and to all the great dogs you have loved and love today.  Don't forget their birthdays even though they forget yours.  They treat you like it's your birthday every day.  PS Having Birthday Party's for Old Dogs help eliminate the guilt part of grief later on.... tip from a good old dog friend....


We miss you all and thank you for all the dedication, love & loyalty over the years you were part of our family.  You helped bring up the kids (human,  puppy and livestock), comforted all of us, kept the secrets we whispered in your ear, travelled with us on so many road trips and always kept us looking at the bright side of life with your antics.


Love always,
Tanya, Madison & Ben

We would like to send a very special thank you for permission to use photos about our dog's ancestors to:

The Hartnagle family, Las Rocosa  Australian Shepherds
Roger Stevens, Pincie Creek Australian Shepherds
Terry Martin, Slash V Australian Shepherds

Cathy Hollings, High Plains Australian Shepherds 



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