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Black Tri Female
July 1, 1998 - June 6, 2011

I lost Gracie this week. She had Hemangio and we took a large tumour out almost a month ago. She was amazing in her fast recovery and since she had no other cancer in her lungs, liver etc when we opened her up – she had another great month of happiness. And truly she appeared as if nothing was ever wrong. She was rolling in the grass with the young dogs, tormenting them as she loved to do. Having a ball. However, in the last few days she obviously was going downhill fast – bleeding out – It was horrible and sad.  Although Jack and my other vet friend said she wasn’t in pain – but just had no red blood cells to replenish her energy or oxygen – all she really felt was fatigue.

We laid with her, kept her close and spent hours of cuddle time until we all felt it was just not going to get better and she was not feeling good anymore.

She was loved to the very end and so badly missed I feel a giant hole in my entire world right now.

She is with Maggie – her favourite nasty Jack Russell now.

I told Ben she grew little white wings and flew to heaven...Ben liked that image as he was very upset too. I like the image as well.

Grace was a sweet sweet dog. Madison spent many hours with her in Juniors.  Grace was our “licky dog”.

In the next issue of the AT there is an ad for Hall of Fame Dam. She was also the first Hall of Fame Excellent Dam in Canada!

We are lucky to have had her and that she gave us such wonderful pups to pass along her legacy as a best friend.

Grace was named after Gracie Burns. The late George Burn’s wife, comedien and actress in the 30’s 40’s and 50’s.  From Wikipedia…."Say good night, Gracie"

The legend was born of their vaudeville routine and carried over to both radio and television. As the show wrap-up Burns would look at Allen and say "Say good night, Gracie" to which she would usually simply reply "Good night." Popular legend has it that Allen would say, "Good night, Gracie." According to George Burns, recordings of their radio and television shows, and several histories of old-time radio (John Dunning's On the Air: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio, for example), Gracie never used the phrase.  The confusion may have been caused by Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In. Stars Dan Rowan and Dick Martin used a similar sign-off routine wherein Rowan would tell Martin to "Say good night, Dick." Martin's reply was always "Good night, Dick." It seemed like something Gracie Allen would have said.

Good Night Gracie, Love Tanya Maddy, Ben, Jack, Tucker Flash and all the family   xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

HOFX (CKC) HOF (ASCA) Diamond Aire Tuckers Grace OTDsc ATDd HI  HTDIs HRDIs
Major pointed CKC
2 x BOB altered ASCA
Mom of many wonderful dogs and as many more as she could get her paws on - always a momma dog.

Grace - July 1, 1998 - June 6, 2011

At trials in Hager City, Wisconsin Grace was 2nd in Open cattle, 3rd on ducks and also finished Open ducks!  She has one leg in Open sheep and one in Open cattle.  She moved into Advanced ducks and placed 3rd and got the leg!

Grace blew me away to place 3rd in the 2003 Nationals Open Ducks and tied for ranked 6th dog in Open Cattle with only 7 qualifying dogs in Open cattle all week.

Grace ~ 2003 ASCA Nationals Open Sheep Run

She tied with her son (by my Tucker) "Jasper Lil' Bear of Tucker Crk ATDd OTDsc HS CD TDX RX FDCh TT AGN NAC OJC OCC TN-E RS-N GS-N JS-N SR" in the Open cattle.

Tanya & Grace ~ ~ Karen & Jasper
2003 ASCA Nationals

Grace & Sarah after a Junior Handling show in 2003
Sarah owns a Grace's son, "Woody", and a Panda son, "Bear"

Grace ~ October 2000


Grace's Titles...


          ~  Herding Started (sheep) ~ October 7th, 2001

          ~  Started Trial Dog (sheep) ~ October 1, 2000
          ~  Started Trial Dog (cattle) ~ January 19, 2002
          ~  Started Trial Dog (ducks) ~ October 1, 2001

          ~  Junior Herding Dog 1st leg (sheep) ~ May 6, 2001



Grace's pups...


Grace with her first litter of pups

2002 Tucker & Grace litter ~ Arrow, Dodger, Duke, Jade, Joe, Star, Willie, Woody


2000 Tucker & Grace litter ~ Flash, Gus, Jasper, Jasper USA, Sydney


WTCH Little High Plains Boulder RD RTDc DNA-CP
Black C/W AS-11093E25M
E76324 DL80584601

E-Js Country Boy
Black C/W RF

CH Las Rocosa Little Wolf STDcd (HOF)

Las Rocosa Lester CSD (HOF)

Las Rocosa Christophene STDds OTDc (HOF)

Mar-Kel Be Laced With Holly

Las Rocosa Hudson of Trostel

Las Rocosa Black Lace of Trostel CD

Cockys Lady High Life
Black C/W

Cocky Rocky STDs

Starvin Marvin

Kasey Star

Minnkota Briana Party Favor

WTCH Bonito Azul Stock Market CDX

Minnkotas Sabrina Fair

CH Diamond Aire Encore STDds DNA-CP
Blue AS-8716G24F
E62915 DL50129208

CH Diamond Aire St Louis Showboat CD STDcds
Blue C/W AS-3189E24M
E22197 DL46812001

CH Coppertones East of The Sun CD

CH Rising Sun of Windermere CDX STDds

CH Shanks Gingerblue of Coppertone CD

CH Diamond Airebell CD STDd

CH Jayhawk of Coppertone

Y Cross Jubal Lee

CH Diamond Airecka CD DNA-CP
Black C/W AS-4261G30F
E30387 DL47548801

CH Jayhawk of Coppertone
E1724 A483-166351

CH RoesBlue Jasper of Coppertone CD

CH Shanks Gingerblue of Coppertone CD

CH Diamond Aire Cameo of Cedar CD STDs

CH Diamond Aire O CD OTDs ATDd

Amazing Grace of Wyndham CD

We would like to send a very special thank you for permission to use photos about our dog's ancestors to:

The Hartnagle family, Las Rocosa  Australian Shepherds




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